Spelling Words Tuesday May 24th

Group 1

  1. beaver
  2. straight
  3. ruler
  4. raccoon
  5. ladder
  6. chores
  7. celebrate
  8. measure
  9. impossible
  10. describe
  11. setting
  12. character
  13. volunteer
  14. comprehension
  15. knives

Group 2

  1. anxious
  2. apologize
  3. appreciate
  4. argument
  5. avocado
  6. bouquet
  7. believe
  8. biscuit
  9. business
  10. calf
  11. camouflage
  12. cantaloupe
  13. ketchup
  14. cemetery
  15. chalk

May 19th

The grade three’s began their day with the Fantastic Five. Students did independent reading and one on one dibels reading tests, science research on erosion on the ipads, a journal entry, worked on their good copy of their mountain paragraph.

wpid-wp-1463677521009.jpg wpid-wp-1463677507403.jpg wpid-wp-1463677484250.jpg wpid-wp-1463677472518.jpg

After recess students continued to work on their activities from this morning. Students that have been absent were given the opportunity to complete their standardized tests from the past two weeks.

This afternoon the students did a new lesson in math and then worked independently to measure things in cm.


  1. home reading
  2. wear PE Tuesday
  3. no school tomorrow and Monday
  4. finish science Erosion research
  5. finish mountain good copy (fineline picture)
  6. finish math page 151-152 # 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8
  7. multiplication worksheet
  8. journal and picture

Tuesday May 17th

The grade three’s began their day with PE. After PE the students finished the last part of their standardized testing in math. We then had a lesson on double digit addition. We went step by step how to multiply two two digit numbers together.

wpid-wp-1463506228588.jpg wpid-wp-1463506258748.jpg

After recess we continued with more multiplication practice. Students who needed additional help received small group lessons on the carpet. We finished off our morning by working on chapter six in our Alive in Christ workout.


This afternoon students participated in the Fantastic Five. The students had a lesson on how they can make write their own prayers (more like a conversation with God) instead of always have to pray a Hail Mary or Our Father. The class worked on their prayers, group reading, independent reading, good copy of their mountain paragraph and started their family history writing.



  1. home reading
  2. bring PE
  3. religion prayer due tomorrow
  4. multiplication sheet due Thursday
  5. spelling sentences due Thursday
  6. good copy of mountain paragraph (for track students)
  7. Alive in Christ page 135

Students for track homework is below:



Friday May 13th

The grade three’s began their day with Friday morning mass. After mass the student participated in the Fantastic Five. The students worked on independent reading, their mountain research, handwriting, finished their art work and a free choice journal.

wpid-wp-1463160496399.jpg wpid-wp-1463160505910.jpg wpid-wp-1463160513553.jpg

After recess Father Davide came in and answered several questions the grade three’s had. Students who had questions were given the opportunity to write down their questions ahead of time for him to answer. The class then went outside for DPA. We also had lunch outside today.


This afternoon the students did buddy reading with the grade 6′s who also had lots of students gone due to track. We finished off our day with math lesson on measurement using a calendar. The students then had 45 minutes to complete their math and any activities from this morning.

wpid-wp-1463175582136.jpg wpid-wp-1463175598793.jpg wpid-wp-1463175589616.jpg


  1. home reading
  2. handwriting sheet
  3. journal and picture
  4. science mountain research

Thursday May 13th

The grade three’s began their day with the Fantastic Five. Students did independent reading, a comprehension sheet, a 3 digit addition review sheet, worked on their art and began their research on mountain landforms.


wpid-wp-1463088810420.jpg wpid-wp-1463085327734.jpg wpid-wp-1463085310283.jpg

After recess the students had a work period to complete their assignments from this morning.

This afternoon the class had their second lesson on measurement. We focused on time: seconds, minutes, hours. Students worked independently to complete 6 questions in their textbook. Following this the class continued their research and art work. We finished off the day with DPA outside.

wpid-wp-1463085230328.jpg wpid-wp-1463085250644.jpg wpid-wp-1463085241080.jpg


  1. home reading
  2. bring runners
  3. comprehension sheet
  4. 3 digit addition sheet

Tuesday May 10th

Th the grave trees began their day with more math testing. After this the students the students went outside for DPA.

After recess we continued our French unit on this week in pizza. We reviewed new vocabulary and students Illustrated the new words. As a class we discussed the fires in Fort McMurray and how families had to leave their homes with very few things.

This afternoon before swimming the grade threes began a writing activity where they were asked to explain what things they would take from their home if only given 5 minutes to choose. They will continue this tomorrow. We spent the rest of the afternoon at swimming lessons.

Homework :
1. Home reading
2. Bring PE
3. Spelling sentences
4. French pictures

Monday May 9th

The grade three class began their day with assembly. After assembly the students did their spelling test from last week followed by their spelling pretest for this weeks words.

wpid-wp-1462815177941.jpg wpid-wp-1462817111853.jpg

After recess the class was given 15 minute to continue working on their spelling sentences. The students then began the first of several standardized tests they do in May. The first test they did today was reading comprehension.

This afternoon there was no music as Ms. Maryna was sick today. The students continued with more testing. We continued working on our landforms unit by working on categorizing landforms into water formations and land formations. We then briefly discussed similarities and differences between different landforms.

wpid-wp-1462828173109.jpg wpid-wp-1462828160992.jpg


  1. home reading
  2. spelling sentences due Thursday
  3. math test signed
  4. bring things for swimming tomorrow (wear uniform to school)
  5. $1 for freezie fundraiser starts tomorrow

Thursday May 5

The grade three’s started their day with the Fantastic Five. Students did independent reading, worked on their mother’s day gift, their rough draft monster paragraph and a comprehension sheet.

wpid-wp-1462463145013.jpg wpid-wp-1462463157320.jpg wpid-wp-1462463166584.jpg wpid-wp-1462463177270.jpg

After recess the student’s continued their assignments and began their good copy paragraphs in handwriting.

This afternoon the student’s continued to worked on their rough good copy paragraphs, mother’s day cards and finished the day with PE.

wpid-wp-1462464526283.jpg wpid-wp-1462478996105.jpg


  1. home reading
  2. 1pm dismissal tomorrow
  3. bring spring fair costume
  4. good copy of monster paragraph due Monday
  5. “Off to California” due tomorrow
  6. mass 8:10 am