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Friday, September 30th

The month of September has flown by! Students participated in the Fantastic Five after our school mass. Students did independent reading, group reading, buddy reading (where they had to record 5+ nouns from the books they were reading), a comprehension activity and peer edit their letters from last week. This was the first day they peer edited and will continue to work on building this skill throughout the year.

wpid-wp-1475256670540.jpg wpid-wp-1475256895542.jpg wpid-wp-1475256885080.jpg wpid-wp-1475256876360.jpg

After recess the class had additional times to work on their activities as well as to finish their religion talent circles, title pages and comprehension sheet.


This afternoon students worked on their personal talent circles, their partner talent circles, Language arts title page, religion title page, math games, dice math games, drawing and colouring fall leaves to hang in the classroom. We finished the day with spelling tests. The class did not have their DPA today because of poor behaviour when preparing to go outside today. The class continues to work on lining up silently and keeping their hands to themselves when lining up after recess and lunch and before music and PE.

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  1. home reading
  2. bring runners
  3. Personal electronic device sheet (hand it in)
  4. French title page
  5. Socials Title Page

Wednesday September 28

The grade three’s began their day with religion. We talked about different ways to pray as well as All Saints Day and All Souls day. We briefly talked about saints and how there are different patron saints. The students then went to library. There, Mrs. Gaspar talked to the students about fiction and non-fiction books as well how to located them in the library.

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After recess the students continued working on their religion from this morning and continued work on their religion talent circles.
This afternoon the students had PE. After PE we read a story. Students then worked in groups to explain how they would help the character in the story solve the math problem.

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  1. home reading
  2. bring PE
  3. journal
  4. photo day notice
  5. walkathon $
  6. Entertainment book

Tuesday September 27th

The grade three’s began their morning with PE. After, students worked on an increasing pattern worksheet where they had to complete the pattern and identify the pattern rule.

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After recess the students did religion. We talked about our new textbook, how to use it and what they will be learning about. We then talked about how we all have talents which are gifts from God. We separated them into body talents and brain talents. Students shared some of their talents and then they began a religion activity where they were asked to identify one of each talent and illustrate them.

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This afternoon we read Andrew’s Loose Tooth and then we did the Fantastic Five. Students did independent reading, group reading, buddy reading, continued working on their religion work and wrote a journal entry on their favorite season.


  1. home reading
  2. spelling sentences due Thursday
  3. math pattern worksheet
  4. journal due Thursday
  5. notices
  6. bring PE

Monday September 26th

The grade three’s started their day with assembly. After assembly the class had their spelling pre-test, made corrections, put words in their planners and worked on their spelling sentences.

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After recess students were given additional time to work on their spelling sentences as their assembly this morning was quite long. We finished off the morning with math. Students worked on solving increasing and decreasing patterns and stating the pattern rule.

wpid-wp-1474920146580.jpg wpid-wp-1474920279763.jpgwpid-wp-1474920665972.jpg

This afternoon the class continued to work on their math worksheet. We then worked on socials where we talked about Aboriginal tools and ways in which they were used. Students had to predict what each tool was used for based on its appearance. After they prediceted the use of each tool, we talked about their purposes and who used them. The students then corrected their math sheets from earlier in the day. The last 30 minutes of the day was used as a time period to finish assignments like title pages, spelling tests and math sheets.

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  1. home reading
  2. spelling sentences due Thursday
  3. WEAR PE
  4. scholastic due tomorrow (please send cheque or pay online if you’d like to order..instructions are in the September newsletter)

Friday September 23

The grade three’s began their morning the Fantastic Five following our school mass. Students participated in group reading, buddy reading, independent reading, writing a letter home about their week (these will be further edited next week) and a comprehension activity.

wpid-wp-1474643495028.jpg wpid-wp-1474643506531.jpg wpid-wp-1474643513630.jpg wpid-wp-1474643520834.jpg

After recess the students had additional time to complete assignments. We then read “Bean Thirteen” and students had to help the character solve the math problem in the book as we read. We talked about how many problems have multiple answers.

wpid-wp-1474654295648.jpg wpid-wp-1474655701073.jpg wpid-wp-1474656689379.jpg wpid-wp-1474655713378.jpg

After lunch, the students had their weekly spelling test. They finished off their day by working on their paper Facebook pages, Language art titles pages and letters from this morning.


  1. home reading
  2. bring runner
  3. journal from yesterday
  4. It’s Just not Fair worksheet
  5. notice in home reading

Thursday September 22

The grade three’s began their day with the Fantastic Five. We started by reading a picture book, King Pig. We talked about the characters, the problem, the solution and the setting of the story. The  students then rotated through different activities participating in: group reading, independent reading, buddy reading, a journal entry (on what they would do/change if they were principal) and a story map based on Stephanie’s ponytail.

wpid-wp-1474583472844.jpg wpid-wp-1474560547969.jpg wpid-wp-1474560556508.jpg wpid-wp-1474566558983.jpg

After recess the students had a short work period to finish their journals and story maps. The class then went to music.

This afternoon we read another read aloud story about an imaginary friend. Reading aloud to students helps establish of love of reading, improves listening skills and gives the class an opportunity to learn new ideas and vocabulary together.


During social studies we reviewed basic needs and wants. We then talked about some of the different Aboriginal groups found in BC. Students wrote down some of the locations on a BC map of where different groups live. In science we continued talking about ecosystems. We talked about how there are three different types: Micro, Messo and biomes. We also talked about the differences in their size.

wpid-wp-1474576731536.jpg wpid-wp-1474576747877.jpg wpid-wp-1474576740327.jpgwpid-wp-1474583560632.jpg

The class finished their day with PE.


  1. home reading
  2. bring runners
  3. Stephanie’s ponytail story map
  4. journal and picture due Monday
  5. Mass 8:10 am

Wednesday September 21st

This morning students did their school wide write and went to the library. During library time we reviewed appropriate behaviour with regards to personal electronic devices. The class then worked on a short writing activity with Mrs. Gaspar.wpid-wp-1474474168907.jpg wpid-wp-1474477517912.jpg

After recess the student had a work period to finish their comprehension activities for Stephanie’s ponytail and work on their Facebook art page.

This afternoon the class had PE. We finished off the day with math. We talked more about pattern rules and students had to use their hundreds chart or number line to solve and complete the increasing and decreasing patterns on their worksheet. This worksheet is homework.

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  1. home reading
  2. spelling sentences due tomorrow
  3. Bring PE
  4. math worksheet
  5. Stephanie’s ponytail page 5 and 6



Tuesday September 20th

The grade three’s began their day with PE! After PE students had math. The students correct a math patterning sheet from last week and began talking about pattern rules. They then had to skip count by 3′s on their hundreds chart and colour every 3rd number. Such a chart can help students to identify patterns that increase by 3 later on when trying to figure out pattern rules.

wpid-wp-1474391355112.jpg wpid-wp-1474391370721.jpg wpid-wp-1474391378738.jpg wpid-wp-1474392355022.jpg wpid-wp-1474391389029.jpg

After recess the students had music. We then did a socials lesson talking about basic needs and wants. We discussed the differences between needs and wants and the class had to answer 4 follow up questions to demonstrate their understanding.


This afternoon we did the Fantastic Five. The class rotated through independent reading, buddy reading, group reading, their socials questions from before lunch and working on more comprehension activities from Stephanie’s Ponytail.

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  1. home reading
  2. spelling sentences due Thursday
  3. bring PE
  4. scholastic in Home reading folder
  5. math hundreds chart couting my 3′s