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Friday October 28th

The grade three’s began their morning with school mass. Students then did the Fantastic Five. The students had 2 opportunities to continue their interviews for biography writing. When completed, students began writing rough draft paragraphs with the information they collected. Students also did buddy reading, group reading and independent reading.

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After recess the students continued working on their rough drafts and began working on a comprehension worksheet where they had to think of their own sentences starters. Students are working towards writing their answers in full sentences. As we get closer to the end of first term students will no longer be given sentence starters.

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This afternoon we did our spelling tests. The class then continued their work on their biographies, comprehension sheets and fall art. Students who were done their fall began drawing portraits to go with their biography writing.

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  1. Halloween Carnival Monday – students are dismissed at 1pm. Please bring a lunch if you did  not order hot lunch.
  2. Students can wear costumes to school
  3. French test Tuesday

Thursday October 27th

Today the grade three’s started the day with the Fantastic Five. The grade three’s had a lesson on what a biography is and began collecting information from someone in their group so they could write a biography about someone else. Students also worked on journals. They wrote about Halloween or a free choice entry. The students also rotated through group reading, independent reading and buddy reading.

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After recess the class continued working on their assignments from this morning. We then read “Two of Everything”. We talked about doubling numbers. Students then worked independently or with classmates to solve math problems based on the idea of doubling.
Ex. If you put 3 coins in the doubling pot, how many times do you need to put the coins in to get 24?

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This afternoon the class continued reading Matilda with Miss. Sheppard. We then talked about predators and prey. We discussed how some animals fit in one category but some fit in both. Students brainstormed and discussed which categories different animals would fit in. We finished the day with DPA.

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  1. home reading
  2. bring runners
  3. mass 8:10 or 8:00 if you are in choir
  4. French test Tuesday (I forgot we have Halloween carnival on Monday)
  5. journal and picture


Wednesday October 26th

The grade three’s began by working on their rosary beads for the prayer corner. Students were asked to write on intention on each of the four beads they are making for a large religion display.

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The class then went upstairs to work on their socials research (Beliefs), check out library books and work on their typing skills. Students are working on using the proper finger/hand position so they establish proper typing skills and techniques. Students are encouraged to practice at home as well. We use BBC’s site for “Dance Mat Typing”.

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After recess the students continued their socials research and worked on adding 4 interesting facts to the bottom of their research. They were encouraged to reread their information and write about 4 things they had not talked about yet. Students continue to work on rereading their work as well as being careful and conscientious peer editors. The class then had music.


This afternoon the students had PE. After PE we had a math lesson about skip counting using Canadian money. We began by reviewing the different coins, the images on them and their value. Students then worked through several questions in their textbook with a friend or independently.

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  1. home reading
  2. spelling sentences due tomorrow
  3. Math page 60-61 # 1,2, 3, 4
  4. French test Monday (spelling counts)
  5. Socials research – complete Beliefs…we will edit and start good copies tomorrow

Tuesday October 25th

Don’t forget to come to open house today! from 3pm-5pm and 6pm-8pm!

The grade three’s began their morning with PE. After PE we talked about skip counting when working with numbers greater than 100. Students are learning to use a hundreds to chart to skip count with numbers up to 1000. If students start at 251 and have to skip count by 3′s they can still use a 100′s chart by starting at 51..counting onward by 3′s…to 54…they then add the 2 at the beginning to get the number 254. Students worked with a partner of their choice or on their on.

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After recess the school continued working on their math. We then had a school wide earthquake drill. Following the drill students worked on their math for a little longer. We then continued learning about the rosary and talked about focusing on a special intention when praying the rosary.


This afternoon we got started with the Fantastic Five right away. Students had 2 blocks to work on their socials research on shelter, clothing and travel. They had one work period to finish their math and religion from this morning. Students also did independent reading and group reading.


  1. home reading
  2. spelling sentences (due Thursday)
  3. math page 56-57 # 1-4 (due Thursday)
  4. French test Monday (spelling counts)
  5. socials research on shelter, clothing and travel
  6. bring PE

Monday October 24th

The grade three’s began their morning with assembly. After assembly the students had their spelling test from last week. They then did their pre-test for their new spelling words. Students made corrections, put words in their planners and worked on spelling sentences. The class did not go out for recess today as they continue to struggle with lining up in a quiet and orderly fashion. Instead they ate their snacks inside quietly.

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After recess the students were given an additional 15 minutes to work on their spelling sentences. We then reviewed the French vocabulary and pronunciation of words. Students were given 5 minutes to review. The French tests have been marked and sent home to be signed. The class will have another French test next Monday but it will not be matching. Students will be given the word in English and they will need to write the French translation. After French we did a math lesson. We talked about place value and strategies students can use to figure out what numbers are greater than or less than. We also talked about the < > signs. I explained that they can think of them as alligators. Since alligators are always hungry they will always be eating the bigger number. However, depending on their placement the greater than and less than numbers may be different.

645 > 214 will be read 645 is greater than 214

214 < 645 will be read 214 is less than 645

Either way though, the opening of the sign is always facing or “eating” the greater number.

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This afternoon the students had music. After music we prepared for the Open House tomorrow. Students were handed back work, spent time making corrections, completing math from this morning, editing work and visiting the book fair.




Thursday October 20th

The grade three’s began their day with the Fantastic Five. We had a short class discussion about the Celtic heart and what students thought they would have to do, how they would need to behave and act in order to receive such an award. The students did independent reading, group reading, a comprehension sheet on Vampire Bats and had a work period.

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After recess the class had an additional 15 minutes to finish work from this morning. We then had a mini math lesson where we discussed base ten name, standard form, place value charts, base ten blocks and how to represent numbers using different numbers of base ten blocks.

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This afternoon the students began their socials research project. Using another Aboriginal group I modeled for the students how to begin their research. I suggested reading over the information (ex. food) once from start to end. Then reading it over a second time and underlining parts of sentences that they will rewrite using their own words. While rewriting sentences in their own words can be tricky I suggested students can use synonyms for words or even rewrite the sentence almost starting from the back of the sentence and working backwards. The class completed the research on Location and Tools and Weapons in class today. They have been asked to do the section on Food over the weekend.

wpid-wp-1476997481453.jpg wpid-wp-1476997504844.jpg wpid-wp-1476997466615.jpg

After socials the class copied down some new science vocabulary words that we will discuss more in depth next week. Unfortunately there was a tournament in the gym today and it was raining so the class didn’t get to go the PE. Instead, we finished the day with art.

wpid-wp-1476997450932.jpg wpid-wp-1476997443664.jpg wpid-wp-1476999132901.jpg



Wednesday October 19th

The grade three’s began their morning with religion. We reviewed our discussion from yesterday and discussed the prayers and parts of the rosary in more details. I then handed out a research assignment in social studies that students will be working on at school (and a little at home). We talked about what they will be doing as well as what self-assessment means.

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The class then went to the library. Mrs. Gaspar showed them the preview for the Scholastic book fair starting next Monday. Students then worked on the good copy of their “You call that a Pet” activity. Students that were almost done their good copies worked on their typing skills using BBC’s dance mat typing.

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After recess the students had a work period to continue their good copy writing. The students then had music.

This afternoon the class had PE. Students finished off the day with a work period to complete writing, research and final copies of work.


  1. home reading
  2. bring PE
  3. spelling sentences due tomorrow
  4. good copy of “You call that a Pet” writing. Colour picture (and fineline picture, not writing)
  5. French matching test Monday
  6. Orders for individual school photos

Tuesday October 18th

The grade three’s began their morning with PE. After PE the students had a math lesson where we talked more about base ten blocks and base ten name. Students then worked on some equations using their math textbook. The class had the opportunity to work with a partner to discuss their math. Many students chose good partners to work with and worked successfully. Others need to work on choosing friends and classmates that will help support them in their learning instead of distracting them from it. However, working with a partner can be an important part of math as it allows for discussion when problem solving.

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After recess the class was given additional time to work on math. Then we did religion and talked more about the part of the rosary, the mysteries and the prayers that make up the rosary.


We finished off the morning by reading another Aboriginal story entitled, “Spider Woman”. We discussed as a class what they thought of the book and shared observations and ideas concerning the characters.

This afternoon we did the Fantastic Five. Students did independent reading, group reading, buddy reading and worked on the good copy of their part of the story, “You call that a Pet”. Students also finished their herbivore brochure.

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  1. home reading
  2. French  matching test Monday
  3. Math page 4 # 1-5
  4. Herbivore brochure
  5. bring PE
  6. book cover contest (see image below)


Monday October 17th

The grade three’s began their day with a school assembly. After assembly the students had their spelling pre-test, made corrections and put words in their planners. They were given 15 more minutes after recess to work on their spelling sentences.

wpid-wp-1476724839732.jpg wpid-wp-1476724849551.jpg

The students then had an opportunity to work with base ten blocks. We talked about how a flat represents a 100, a rod represents a 10 and unit represents a 1. They worked in pairs, one student was the builder and one was the checker. They took turns building specific numbers with the base ten blocks and checking each others work. We then moved into using base ten illustrations to represent two and three digit numbers. We finished off the morning by reviewing French vocabulary. Students will have  French matching test on the 8 vocabulary words in their French duotang. They will need to draw a line from the French word to the English translation. Then November 1st, the students will have a French test where they will need to know how to spell the same words including the article (un, une).

wpid-wp-1476728443904.jpg wpid-wp-1476729839292.jpg wpid-wp-1476728586181.jpg wpid-wp-1476728455895.jpg
This afternoon the class had music. We then read a story that contained elements of Aboriginal culture. We discussed the characteristics of the different animals in the story. We then read a short article about some of the different kinds of totem poles that exist and how they represent stories.

We finished off the day by working on our omnivore brochures. Students that finished began reading and recording facts about herbivores.

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  1. home reading
  2. spelling sentences due Thursday
  3. French matching test next Monday
  4. wear PE
  5. return individual school photo orders