Daily Archives: May 9, 2017

Tuesday May 9

The grade three’s started off their day with PE. After PE the students worked on a math review for their Data Analysis test next week.

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After recess the students talked about the Annunciation of Mary. After the class discussion the students completed a worksheet about the lesson. The grade three’s finished the morning with a socials lesson. The students worked in small groups and looked at different cultural versions of the Cinderella story. Each group wrote down their observations on chart paper.

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This afternoon the class worked on the last part of the Language Arts standardized testing. The students then participated in the Fantastic Five. Students did independent reading, group reading, worked on their Mother’s day card, handwriting and a comprehension sheet on the Robert Munsch story Purple, Green and Yellow.

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  1. home reading
  2. bring PE
  3. spelling sentences due Thursday
  4. handwriting due Thursday
  5. Math test on Data Analysis and graphing next Tuesday.