Daily Archives: May 12, 2017

Friday May 12

The grade three’s started their morning with the Fantastic Five. Students did independent reading, group reading, worked on their¬†Purple, Green and Yellow comprehension sheets, journal writing and mother’s day activities.

After recess students reviewed pictographs in preparation for their math test on Tuesday. The class finished the morning off with looking at and talking about wordless picture books.

This afternoon the class did their spelling test. Miss Sheppard then showed the students a new art activity. Students worked on the new activity or finished their collages from last week.


  1. home reading
  2. bring runners
  3. math test Tuesday
  4. swimming permission slip and $9
  5. Purple, Green and Yellow – complete all worksheets for Monday
  6. journal due Monday

TRACK STUDENTS: ¬†Student’s have been given any work they will be missing on Monday. Please check the class website for the spelling words posted Monday morning.