Daily Archives: May 15, 2017

Monday May 15

The grade three’s started their day with assembly. After assembly the class did their spelling pre-test, made corrections, put their words in the planners and started their spelling sentences.

After recess the students talked about different animals and pets in French. The students then did a final math review before their math test tomorrow.

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This afternoon the class has music. Following music the students read three different versions of Little Read Riding hood and compared and contrasted to the version they are familiar with.  In science the class made ice cream floats after talking about density. The class then watched a Bill Nye the Science Guy show and answered questions about Matter.

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  1. home reading
  2. wear PE
  3. math test tomorrow
  4. spelling sentences due Thursday
  5. Swimming permission slip and $9

Monday May 15th Spelling Words

Group 1:

  1. language
  2. directions
  3. protect
  4. picture
  5. ate
  6. sandwich
  7. can’t
  8. would’ve
  9. could’ve
  10. dried
  11. ceiling
  12. cereal
  13. pitcher
  14. shouldn’t
  15. absent

Group 2

  1. edge
  2. alphabet
  3. strongest
  4. easiest
  5. escape
  6. inexpensive
  7. ladle
  8. colander
  9. license
  10. ludicrous
  11. miracle
  12. occupation
  13. parcel
  14. particular
  15. permanent