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September Newsletter 2016


Dear Parents,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you, and your child back to school. I hope you have had an enjoyable and relaxing summer. I can tell the students are just as excited as I am to begin a new school year. Before things start to get busy, I would like to go over a few items so that the classroom routines will run smoothly and efficiently all year long!

SCHOOL BAGS Please make sure that your child has a good sized school bag. They will need to take textbooks, duo tangs, library books and agendas home for homework, as well as their lunch and gym strip. Students are not allowed to carry the books out of the classroom in their hands; books must be in their bags when they leave school. This will really help to decrease the number of lost items, ruined books, duo tangs and projects.

GYM STRIP The students need to have a full gym strip (including white socks!) in order to go to P.E.. It is extremely important that each piece of your child’s uniform and gym strip, including socks be labeled. Several times a week we put gym shirts, shorts and socks in the lost and found because they do not have a name. Having all items labeled allows me to return expensive uniform pieces. The students must have a labeled gym bag to hold their uniforms; this will greatly minimize lost items.

** The students will be attending PE on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays **

The students are to wear their PE strip to school on Tuesdays as they have PE first thing in the morning. Please remind them to bring their school uniform to change into after PE class. MONEY I will be collecting money from the students for various events throughout the year. The students are asked to bring money only in envelopes with their name, grade and event written on the front. This will really help minimize the time it takes to collect notices and money.

Scholastic Book Orders: When ordering books from Scholastic please send the correct amount under the B.C. column. Please note I will only be accepting CHEQUES for Scholastic book orders. It is much easier to manage and to keep track of student orders. You can also order online at just search “Nikki Charanin”

HOMEWORK & HOMEWORK PLANNERS The students will be writing their homework in their planners everyday. They will be initialed and checked by myself or a T.A. The planner will play a very important part in keeping your child organized throughout the year and, in addition, it will keep you informed as to what your son/daughter must complete for homework. The students will be assigned homework almost every day and will also be taking home any work that she/he should have completed during class time. This will help your child keep up with the class and not fall behind. Regular homework assignments should not take more than 40 minutes to complete. If your child is having difficulty completing their homework, it is very important that you either write me a note or give me a call. Most of the homework assignments will be a continuation or review of an activity or concept covered in class. If your child continually gets frustrated over a certain assignment, it is important that I know so that we can give them the extra help they need to understand the concept. All homework planners MUST be initialed daily by a parent or guardian.

SUPPLIES Students labeled their supplies in class today. They will keep their extra supplies here at school. The students must all have a pencil box/case to keep pencils, erasers, felts, and the correct notebooks and duo tangs etc. . In order to complete some activities at home the students will need scissors, a ruler and a glue stick. Thank you for your help in organizing the supplies!

LUNCHES The students are asked to bring a healthy lunch from home. What a student eats at recess and lunch really affects their energy levels and behaviour throughout the day. We are also trying to cut down on the amount of garbage in the school, thus, each student should have a proper lunch bag and sandwich or food container. As you may recall, the students are not allowed to drink pop. Water is the only drink permitted for students to have at their desks throughout the day. Please note that Saint Patrick’s is completely nut free. We have many students with severe allergies. This means peanut butter, Nutella and any other bars or candy with nuts are not permitted at school for safety reasons.

I hope that these reminders will answer any questions you may have. If you have any concerns or questions about the information above or any other item, please feel free to contact me at school in the morning or in the afternoon. I am very exciting about the busy year ahead of us! Thank you for your co-operation!
Please note our class website will be updated daily beginning next week:

Respectfully, Mrs. Nikki Charanin

Welcome to Grade 3

Dear parents and students,

I’d like to welcome you to the grade three class website. I will be doing my best to update it daily with homework, reminders and class newsletters. Looking forward to working alongside your child this year. This year, students will work towards becoming more responsible and self-sufficient in their studies. This will help to build on a strong academic foundation and will help them to pursue a love of learning. Our classroom goal is to create a learning environment where all students feel safe and eager to learn and share their knowledge.


Mrs. Nikki Charanin