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Thursday June 22

The grade three’s started off their day with the Fantastic Five. Students did independent reading, a math review sheet, worked on their sunflower art, started their tissue paper lanterns and their summer bucket list.

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After recess the class had an additional 10 minutes to work on activities. The students then practiced for their socials presentations. All but one group presented their posters today. The class really did a great job sharing what they learned.


This afternoon the entire school attended the talent show. The grade three’s finished off with PE.

  1. home reading
  2. math worksheet from today
  3. wear sports day colours (no face paint or hair colour until after mass)
  4. 1PM dismissal tomorrow
  5. mass 8:15 am

Wednesday June 21

The grade three’s started off their day with religion. The students continued to talk about the parts of the mass. The students then worked on preparing for their socials presentations which they will do tomorrow. Students wrote cue cards and practiced in front of their peers.


After recess the class then did some reflective writing about how they think they have done working towards their third term goals. The students also made personal pizzas and reviewed the French vocabulary learned this term.


This afternoon the grade three’s had PE. After PE the students finished their reflective writing, edited it and had two friends read it over. They finished off the day by working on socials and art.


  1. home reading
  2. bring PE
  3. math corrections from corrected math sheets from yesterday
  4. Talent show tomorrow
  5. socials presentation tomorrow
  6. If possible please give $7 to Mrs. Sharma or Mrs. Charanin to help pay for the cost of the class party on Moday.

Tuesday June 20

The grade three’s started off their day with PE. The students then did a money review where they played math bingo. The students had to count the coins and add them up in order to get bingo.

After recess the students had a work period to finish their socials posters, work on there thank you letters to teachers, their sunflower art or prepare for their socials presentation.

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This afternoon the grade three’s participated in the Fantastic Five. Students did independent reading, group reading, a comprehension sheet, a math review sheet and worked on their thank you letters.

wpid-wp-14979906440651365566490.jpg wpid-wp-14979906390951751588008.jpg wpid-wp-14979906331931532974543.jpg wpid-wp-1497990622234791674707.jpg wpid-wp-14979906136981116266088.jpg


  1. home reading
  2. bring runners
  3. pizza lunch tomorrow (you can bring a lunch or just extra snacks)
  4. math review sheet
  5. letters to teachers due Thursday
  6. Comprehension sheet “Rosies’s Vacation Diary”

Monday June 19

The grade three’s started off their day with assembly. After assembly the students did their spelling pre-test, made corrections, put words in their planners and worked on their spelling sentences.


After recess the class reviewed the data they had collected in French about the classes’ favourite pizza toppings. The students then created a bar graph to show how many people liked each topping. The class will be making pizzas in French on Wednesday. The students in choir then had their potluck.

wpid-wp-14978965828751898230695.jpg wpid-wp-1497895309489.jpg wpid-wp-1497895296771.jpg

This afternoon the grade three’s worked on their social research project, thank you letters and art work. They finished off the day with team cheer practices for sports day.

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Friday June 16

The grade three’s started off their day with the Fantastic Five. Students worked on thank you cards for Mrs. Prescilla who is going on maternity leave and Miss Dickson who will be leaving us to work at the high school. The student’s also worked on a journal entry and independent reading and the student in tracked worked on religion.

wpid-wp-1497630356351.jpg wpid-wp-14975613377831920425957.jpg

After recess the students finished up the Fantastic Five and had a work period. The class then did a thermal energy experiment where we hypothesized and saw how fast/slowly molecules move depending in how hot or cold the water is.

wpid-wp-14976393463781265951581.jpg wpid-wp-149763915352767515519.jpg wpid-wp-14976391381351241276446.jpg wpid-wp-149763868534166078212.jpg wpid-wp-1497638584433516253863.jpg

This afternoon the class finished writing down their science observations. Students then worked on their socials research projects, letters to teachers and art projects. The class finished off the day with their spelling test, DPA and sports day meetings.


  1. home reading
  2. bring runner
  3. scholastic orders due Monday or you can order online
  4. religion holy objects writing and pictures
  5. journal and picture

Thursday June 14

The grade three’s started off their day by watching a video about Saint Patrick. After, they wrote a paragraph about what they had learned. Students edited their work and spent the morning working on good copies and illustrations.

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This afternoon the grade three’s worked on their writing and illustrations for religion. They continued to read about special objects in the church and their purpose. Students then finished off old projects and worked on a new sunflower art project. The class finished off the day with PE.



  1. home reading
  2. mass 8:10
  3. bring runners
  4. Saint Patrick good copy due Monday
  5. religion special objects writing due Monday

Tuesday June 13

The grade three’s started their day off with PE. After PE the students had their spelling pre-test, made corrections and worked on their spelling sentences.

After recess the class continued to talk to talk about the parts of the mass. we talked about the Introductory Rites or first part of the mass. We also talked some of the different special objects found in the church (like an ambo, chalice).

wpid-wp-14973768671921283746137.jpg wpid-wp-1497378414834570686499.jpg wpid-wp-1497378408377596887469.jpg wpid-wp-14973768765401844787350.jpg wpid-wp-14973768518252106711455.jpg

This afternoon the students participated in the Fantastic Five. Students did independent reading, worked on their Father’s day craft, a comprehension sheet, a math review sheet and a sheet on how to conserve energy.

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Monday June 12

Today the grade three’s went to Lynn Canyon! Ask them about some of the pictures below. Everything below is an invertebrate animal that they collected themselves from the creek or the forest!

wpid-wp-1497291504194.jpg wpid-wp-14972914287211714221997.jpg wpid-wp-1497294450860.jpg wpid-wp-14972943862801269257136.jpg wpid-wp-1497294900943.jpg wpid-wp-1497294887949.jpg wpid-wp-1497294819136459259476.jpg wpid-wp-14972947662081886927892.jpg wpid-wp-1497291515633.jpg wpid-wp-1497292483668.jpg wpid-wp-1497294267357.jpg wpid-wp-1497294185009.jpg wpid-wp-14972908981081394723527.jpg wpid-wp-14972914374831125556655.jpg wpid-wp-1497293395898649650702.jpg wpid-wp-14972908981081394723527.jpg wpid-wp-1497290633712.jpg wpid-wp-14972904297961561015102.jpg wpid-wp-14972902246631592289354.jpg wpid-wp-14972901791871733280046.jpg wpid-wp-14972900911221639642211.jpg wpid-wp-14972899487581410669253.jpg wpid-wp-1497287370527.jpg

Friday June 9

The grade three’s started off their day with the Fantastic Five. Students did independent reading, group reading, finished their letters to a grade two student, worked on their journals, did a fill in the blank story about a salmon and a math review worksheet.

wpid-wp-1497032706392719054773.jpg wpid-wp-14970327247411847893829.jpgwpid-wp-1497032737813.jpg

After recess the students were given additional time to work on this mornings activities before continuing work on their social studies project.

wpid-wp-14970327694452086016374.jpg wpid-wp-14970327771441824383477.jpg

This afternoon the grade three’s worked on their socials country project. The class then talked more about their field trip on Monday and went outside for DPA. After DPA they had their spelling test and finished off the day with art.


  1. home reading
  2. bring an easy to eat lunch
  3. students do not have to wear uniforms on Monday (no jeans) just please wear weather appropriate clothing. The students will spend 40 minutes at indoor ecology center and then 80 minutes outside walking in Lynn Canyon park and observing the stream habitat. Rain boots may be useful to bring.
  4. Please bring an easy to eat lunch as students will not be eating at school
  5. Math test on Wednesday
  6. journal and picture due Monday
  7. letter to grade 2 student due Monday
  8. 3 digit addition review sheet due Monday

Thursday June 8

The grade three’s had a busy day today! The students started off the day with the Fantastic Five. Students worked on handwriting, journal writing, writing a letter to a grade two students, independent reading and a Father’s day craft.

wpid-wp-1496942085459.jpg wpid-wp-14969421152951914601319.jpg wpid-wp-1496942100737522444399.jpg

After recess the students corrected their math from yesterday. The students then continued with the French unit on pizzas. Students wrote about what kind of pizza they liked and did not like. The class then surveyed each other about the kinds of toppings they enjoyed on their pizza and created bar graphs.

wpid-wp-1496945346046.jpg wpid-wp-1496947007564580148309.jpg wpid-wp-14969473482231697384433.jpg wpid-wp-14969476400001585843884.jpg

This afternoon the students did a science experiment on thermal energy. Every group was given an ice cube and could do whatever they wanted to try to melt their ice cube the fastest. Students blew on them, held them, rubbed them and put the in their water bottles. We then discussed what thermal energy was and how some of what they did effected the ice cube. Students completed a worksheet explaining their group strategies, what they learned and what they would do next time. Students then wrote about three different kinds of thermal energy: rubbing, mixing chemicals and burning. The class finished off the day by working on their group socials projects.

wpid-wp-14969554920861113287159.jpg wpid-wp-14969523971392131238375.jpg wpid-wp-14969523861961505798192.jpg


  1. home reading
  2. bring runners
  3. mass 8:00 choir/ 8:10 non choir
  4. $1 for sister Rhonda
  5. math test next Wednesday
  6. handwriting worksheet from this morning