Friday June 9

The grade three’s started off their day with the Fantastic Five. Students did independent reading, group reading, finished their letters to a grade two student, worked on their journals, did a fill in the blank story about a salmon and a math review worksheet.

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After recess the students were given additional time to work on this mornings activities before continuing work on their social studies project.

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This afternoon the grade three’s worked on their socials country project. The class then talked more about their field trip on Monday and went outside for DPA. After DPA they had their spelling test and finished off the day with art.


  1. home reading
  2. bring an easy to eat lunch
  3. students do not have to wear uniforms on Monday (no jeans) just please wear weather appropriate clothing. The students will spend 40 minutes at indoor ecology center and then 80 minutes outside walking in Lynn Canyon park and observing the stream habitat. Rain boots may be useful to bring.
  4. Please bring an easy to eat lunch as students will not be eating at school
  5. Math test on Wednesday
  6. journal and picture due Monday
  7. letter to grade 2 student due Monday
  8. 3 digit addition review sheet due Monday