Monday June 5

The grade three’s began their day with Step Up Day. Students went to the grade four class and spent an hour with Mrs. Pineda. After this the students did their spelling pre-test, made corrections and worked on their spelling sentences. They continued this work after recess. The students then did some math review on measuring perimeter in cm, metres and deciding which unit of measurement to use for different lengths and distances.

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This afternoon the class worked on their math from this morning, spelling sentences, work for Mrs. Pineda and Pentacost worksheets. The class then organized all their duo tangs and put old work into all their duo tangs. We finished off the day with social studies. Students worked with their partner or small group to do their country research.


  1. home reading
  2. wear PE
  3. Lynn Canyon form and money
  4. spelling sentences
  5. talent show auditions June 12 and 13