Thursday June 8

The grade three’s had a busy day today! The students started off the day with the Fantastic Five. Students worked on handwriting, journal writing, writing a letter to a grade two students, independent reading and a Father’s day craft.

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After recess the students corrected their math from yesterday. The students then continued with the French unit on pizzas. Students wrote about what kind of pizza they liked and did not like. The class then surveyed each other about the kinds of toppings they enjoyed on their pizza and created bar graphs.

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This afternoon the students did a science experiment on thermal energy. Every group was given an ice cube and could do whatever they wanted to try to melt their ice cube the fastest. Students blew on them, held them, rubbed them and put the in their water bottles. We then discussed what thermal energy was and how some of what they did effected the ice cube. Students completed a worksheet explaining their group strategies, what they learned and what they would do next time. Students then wrote about three different kinds of thermal energy: rubbing, mixing chemicals and burning. The class finished off the day by working on their group socials projects.

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  1. home reading
  2. bring runners
  3. mass 8:00 choir/ 8:10 non choir
  4. $1 for sister Rhonda
  5. math test next Wednesday
  6. handwriting worksheet from this morning