Thursday May 11

The grade three’s started their day with the Fantastic Five. Students worked on independent reading, no group reading (as track students were away), a comprehension sheet, mother’s day activities and continued to work on¬†Purple, Green and Yellow¬†activities.

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After recess the students did more review on bar graphs in preparation for their test next Tuesday. The students then did a lesson in French where they talked about pets.

wpid-wp-1494517969624.jpg wpid-wp-1494517981214.jpg

This afternoon the class had a work period to finish activities from this morning. In science the class did an experiment based on a Dr. Seuss book (Track students will be looking at this tomorrow). Then the students continued to work on comparing and contrasting different versions of Cinderella. The grade three’s finished off the day with PE.



  1. home reading
  2. mass 8:00 choir/ 8:10 non-choir
  3. bring runners
  4. Cactus comprehension sheet due Monday
  5. math review due tomorrow
  6. Purple Green and Yellow up to page 5