Wednesday June 21

The grade three’s started off their day with religion. The students continued to talk about the parts of the mass. The students then worked on preparing for their socials presentations which they will do tomorrow. Students wrote cue cards and practiced in front of their peers.


After recess the class then did some reflective writing about how they think they have done working towards their third term goals. The students also made personal pizzas and reviewed the French vocabulary learned this term.


This afternoon the grade three’s had PE. After PE the students finished their reflective writing, edited it and had two friends read it over. They finished off the day by working on socials and art.


  1. home reading
  2. bring PE
  3. math corrections from corrected math sheets from yesterday
  4. Talent show tomorrow
  5. socials presentation tomorrow
  6. If possible please give $7 to Mrs. Sharma or Mrs. Charanin to help pay for the cost of the class party on Moday.